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12 Days of Christmas Sale - Day 9


Today's Special Items - with discount applied

 Pleased to see so many taking advantage of the 12 Days of Christmas Sale, some of you are getting quite a good collection together, many hours of kit building ahead of you, but that is what modelling is all about isn't it?

Tomorrow the rest of the Open wagons and pipe loads. Only a couple more days to go and Thursday is the last day....

B009PTC/SRA 2AT/ATA Bogies with 10.25 wheels (-10%)
$AUD 10.80
RO06National Rail RZCY Open wagon -1 Kit (-5%)
$AUD 31.35
RO06National Rail RZCY Open wagon -5 Kits (-10%)
$AUD 148.50
RO06National Rail RZCY Open wagon - 10 Kits (-20%)
$AUD 264.00
RO07National Rail SeaTrain Open wagon -1 Kit (-5%)
$AUD 31.35
RO07National Rail SeaTrain Open wagon -5 Kits (-10%)
$AUD 148.50
RO07National Rail SeaTrain Open wagon - 10 Kits (-20%)
$AUD 264.00
RO08NSW/PTC NOCY Open wagon -1 Kit (-5%)
$AUD 31.35
RO08NSW/PTC NOCY Open wagon -5 Kits (-10%)
$AUD 148.50
RO08NSW/PTC NOCY Open wagon - 10 Kits (-20%)
$AUD 264.00
RO09NSWR BDL Open wagon -1 Kit (-5%)
$AUD 28.50
RO09NSWR BDL Open wagon -5 Kits (-10%)
$AUD 135.00
RO09NSWR BDL Open wagon - 10 Kits (-20%)
$AUD 240.00
FCDP01CDY Pipe Load (-20%)
$AUD 8.00
FCDP02Extra Pipes for CDY Pipe Load (-20%)
$AUD 5.60

 Barbara and Alwyn


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