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Trading Post 12.11.13


I have just put up some DVD's on the Trading Post. I was to do this a couple of weeks ago, but they are there now.

Buy One Get One Free ..... obviously you pay for the dearer one!

Go for it ...please I need to clear some of these items.

Another Flash Special coming up at the end of the week!

Barbara and Alwyn

Trading Post Specials 18.10.13


I have marked some items as 'SALE 20', please check them out.

They will stay at this price for 36 - 48 hours then back to normal.


Trading Post / Newsletter 6.09.2013


Newsletter was sent out last night...did you get one? Do you want one? Go to the website and click on the thing and fill in the whatsi and you will automatically get the next newsletter.

Trading post items... I have just added another 85 items to the trading post.

Happy looking


Trading Post 26.8.13


More items added.

Have a heap of brass etch items coming up.

Happy looking.


Trading Post 22.8.13


Hi there, new items added, mostly books, have a few DVD's and videos ready to go up next week.

Happy looking,



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